Bottles, labels, boxes

Some die-hard enthusiasts say they couldn’t care less about the packaging of their whisky. I can sort of understand that. Whisky is a beverage and you don’t consume the packaging, so if you find a certain flavour profile you like, then who cares what it looks like, right? But I suppose in a visual and tactile sense, we do actually consume the packaging in a way.

I’ve never bought a bottle purely based on its appearance (and can’t imagine I ever would), but I certainly do pay a lot of attention to the packaging.

Whilst a dedicated farmer has spent time growing the barley, an experienced cooper has spent time preparing the barrels and a master blender spends time sampling the maturing stock, the production of whisky doesn’t stop there. It’s still yet to be bottled, labelled, packaged and marketed to us, the consumer, before we get to enjoy it – and a skilled someone is also responsible for that.

From the global drink giants like Diageo and Pernod, to the family owned distilleries like Glenfarclas and Springbank – someone out there spends time creating the bottles, designing the label artwork, researching the story and history behind the distillery and conveying this in their own unique way.

The point of this ramble is just to show some appreciation and recognition to those who make our whisky look good. I for one notice your work and am not afraid to admit that I really enjoy looking at your bottles and packaging as I remove them from the cabinet, uncork them and ultimately enjoy their contents. I care what my whisky looks like and will continue to photograph it and post up plenty of pictures of the bottles, labels and boxes that catch my eye.

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