The Bar That Jack Built

Jack Daniel’s is building a bar and you’re invited to celebrate!

I’m a sucker for marketing. I love whisky packaging, the labels, the bottles, the shapes and the colours. I also love keeping an eye on different brands and seeing what they get up to when it comes time to celebrate a milestone, or launch a new product. If you look back over these pages your bound to find plenty of examples of all of the things mentioned above.

Even with that being the case, every now and then I come across something that takes me by surprise, or makes me grin because it just seems really damn cool. Jack Daniel’s ‘The Bar That Jack Built’ is one of them.

Think of it like this – A bar that packs into a shipping container and travels around the country on the back of a truck. At each stop it’s greeted by fans who are invited to come down, donate items and help craft aspects of the bar at dedicated workshops. It then does its best impression of Optimus Prime and back on the road it goes. That’s what Jack have been doing over the past few weeks and it’s nearly time to celebrate and enjoy all that hard work!

Unfortunately I missed the Sydney workshop a few weeks ago, but a good friend from the Distant Thunder Whisky Club was there in the thick of the action and you can check out his experience here.

I’m told that construction is in its final stages and the bar will be open to the public this coming weekend in Melbourne’s Federation Square (18 to 20 September). It will then make the trip up north to Sydney, where fans will be able to enjoy its offerings in Parramatta Park from 25 to 27 September. It’s free and no doubt it’ll be loads of fun, so jump onto Facebook and check out the official page for more details.

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